Saturday, January 11, 2014

Into the New Year!

Oh my, how time flies! 

I intended to get here and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Oops!  That didn't happen because I was swamped with custom order work, and then I left to spend time with my family over the holidays.

I intended to get here and wish you all a very Happy New Year.  Oops!  That didn't happen because I sort of crashed when I got home.  I mean, I did NOTHING for the first week back! 

Now we are already 11 days into 2014 and I am finally here!  So, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm starting the new year off with some exciting news.  I was selected to be the Featured Artist over on the PFATT Marketplace site.  YAY!!  I'm still so honored to be represented on that website with so many fabulous folk artists.  And to be chosen as featured artist for the month is really icing on the cupcake! 

So head on over there and check it out!

 I also am offering three pieces on my Marketplace selling page that are exclusive to PFATT Marketplace this month.  Two snowmen (well, one is really a girl!) and an adorable Valentine Bee.

In other news....I'm remodeling my studio!  I've had thoughts of doing it for a while, but this week I WENT FOR IT!  I emptied the whole room out and put it all in the next bedroom.  It looks like an episode of Hoarders should be filmed!  OH MY!  There will be some purging happening before the studio is reloaded.  No more details for now!  But I will keep you posted! 
I'm off to Home Depot!


  1. Happy New Year Lisa! Congratulations on the feature!! Cute Snowmen, and I love the Valentine's Day Bee!! Remodeling your studio, how fun!!! Can't wait to see pics of the finished project!!! :)

  2. You are so deserving of the honor of being chosen as the featured artist on PFATT Marketplace. Congrats! I checked out the website and your write-up looks fabulous as does your listing.
    I'm excited to see how the studio remodel turns out. I know it will be fabulous, because everything you do is!
    This is going to be an exciting year - I just KNOW there are lots of big things in store for A Piece of Lisa!!