Thursday, April 25, 2013


A couple of days ago I showed you a work in progress here.  Today is the big reveal.  What did she turn out to be?

Meet Little Red Riding Hood!  Did you have any idea that is who she was? 
I had a lot of fun creating this piece.  I've got so many storybook characters rattling around in my head, asking to be made into whimsical little art dolls.  Now that there is no real holiday season I'm preparing for, I've decided now would be a good time to grant some of those wishes. 
This Little Red Riding Hood is sort of a cold weather version.  She is wearing long sleeves, striped stockings and fur-trimmed boots.  Her darling pleated skirt is made from paper and topped with a black velvet vest that laces with tiny black satin ribbon.  Her signature fashion statement cloak is hand sewn from red wool felt and tied with a red satin ribbon.  I love her curly auburn hair, tied into pigtails.  She wouldn't be complete without a basket of sweets for her Grandmother. 
Little Red Riding Hood is not yet available in my etsy shop.  I'm hoping to have her listed soon, along with a Big Bad Wolf.  Stay tuned!
What other storybook characters would you like to see me create?  I'm always open to suggestions.
The sun is shining here today!  YAY!  Maybe it's finally spring!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Work in Progress

After spending the last couple of weeks spring cleaning and getting my house and studio back in order, I'm back at work this week.  YAY!! 

I thought today I would give you a peek of a work in progress. 

Any guesses as to who she might be?  One hint:  she is NOT Raggedy Ann...
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorite--Garden Markers

Have you missed my Friday Favorite series?  I have!  I'm sorry I haven't gotten a favorite shop listed for the past couple of weeks.  I'm going to make up for that today by listing three different shops.  Switch things up a little bit.

So, it's spring, right?  Well, at least according to the calendar!  This year's weather has been nutso-crazy!  But the promise of warmer weather is out there, and soon everyone will be planting their gardens.  Today I thought I would show you three different etsy shops that make adorable garden markers. 

First up, Amy Lea 'n Me.  Amy makes these adorable garden markers with forks.  She embosses a colorful piece of clay (she doesn't say, but it appears to be polymer clay) with the name of a veggie or herb (she can also do flowers on request).  The pieces have been sealed so they are good to go out in the weather.  I love how colorful they are!

Pick 5-Vegetable and Herb Garden Markers
Pick 5-Vegetable and Herb Garden Markers
This listing is for a set of five, you pick the veggies you want, but she can do any quantity you want, just send her a message.
My next shop is Bowen Design.  Glen hand-draws a picture of the fruit, vegetable or herb on to all weather, non-fading vinyl and includes a dowel for sticking them in the ground.  I think the drawings are really nicely done--they sort of remind me of seed packets. 

Set of 15 Hand Drawn Garden Markers
Set of 15 Hand Drawn Garden Markers    Set of 15 Hand Drawn Garden Markers    
This listing is for 15 garden markers, and again, you get to choose which ones you want.
Our final stop is From Artisan Hands.  Barbara creates her garden markers by rolling a slab of stoneware and cutting it into a unique wedge shape.  They are then stamped, glazed and fired.  I think the colors are quite earthy and beautiful.
Veggie Garden Markers / Plant Stakes - A Set of 3 vegetable ceramic garden markers
Herb Garden Markers / Plant Stakes - A Set of 3 ceramic garden markers
Barbara sells her garden markers in sets of three, your choice of words and colors.  She offers a flat rate shipping if you want to order multiple sets (which of course you would!)
I hope you have enjoyed our trip to the garden shops today.  Which group of garden markers is your favorite?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Fairy

Good Morning! 

I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I'm still here!  I've been a bit absent lately.  But here is a quick look at what I've been up to.  Another fairy.  I showed you Daphne here.  Today meet Dora.

Dora has a funny little face and is carrying a magic wand.  She is ready to make all your wishes come true!  You can find her here, in my etsy shop.
Thanks for stopping by! 
Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Ladybug

I have another brand new piece to show today.  I've made Ladybugs before, but she is my newest one.  I like the way she has a 'coat' of red.  The first ladybug I made only had red wings on the back and you couldn't see them as well.  I know Ladybugs aren't red on their bellies, but for this I think it works.

She is carrying a little clay basket filled with daisies (because as we all know, daisies are my favorite flower!).  She has a fluffy crepe paper collar and a pretty red satin bow on her head.  I think she is adorable, but then, I'm a bit biased! LOL!
This darling ladybug will be available this afternoon over at Pfatt Marketplace, along with two other whimsical critters.  I hope you will go have a look!  (Pfatt Marketplacee will update around 1:00 Central time, so if you go and there are still bunnies on my page, please try again later today.)
Now that my spring shows are over, I'm taking a break from clay work to tackle a serious spring cleaning of the house.  Boy does it need it!  I actually enjoy cleaning, when I'm in the right mood and don't have other projects on my mind!  I know, sick, isn't it?
Have a great day!

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Newest Favorite

I know, I'm guilty of calling all my new pieces my favorites.  But when you see this one, I hope you will understand why.  Meet Daphne...

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?  I love her!
Let me tell you a bit about how Daphne came to be.  She was inspired by a fairy I made a couple years ago when I was visiting my friend Marian.  We spent our creative time making dolls, and this is one of the dolls I made:
This fairy started with a ready-made Bendi Doll. I painted the body a flesh tone, sculpted a face from polymer clay, and dressed her with a lime green silk top and a lime, turquoise and fuchsia tutu.  The front of her dress is adorned with little felt flowers and sequins.  I bent some wire into some simple wings and used a wool roving with metallic highlights for her hair.  She was a fun project, and I have her hanging in my studio.  She inspired me to create my newest art doll.
Daphne is sculpted from polymer clay.  I used lime green clay to create the base of her outfit.  She has shorts beneath her tutu.  I used the same felt flowers to decorate her and added Swarovski crystals to the centers.  Her tutu is hand-tied from dozens of pieces of lime green, turquoise and fuchsia tulle and tied with a bright pink satin ribbon.  I used larger felt flowers for her collar.  Marian was kind enough to give me some of the wool roving I used on the original fairy, so I used it for Daphne's hair.  She is holding a little glass bottle full of fairy dust.
The delicate fairy wings are made from pink wire and tissue paper.  I use several coats of sealer to give them strength.  Originally they were covered in white glitter, but once I got her all put together I didn't like how the white stood out against the colorful dress, so I added another coat of glue and covered them with two shades of pink glitter.  I think they look much better.
I am really happy with how Daphne turned out.  She was the first of three fairies I made last week.  She is currently available in my etsy shop here.  Her fairy friends will be joining her online soon.
I'd love to hear what you think of her!
Have a Happy Day!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bunnies in the Garden

Well, spring just might be here for real!  YAY!!  The days are getting longer.  The sun has been shining.  The temperatures are climbing.  The tulips are up but not yet blooming.  Robins are here in abundance.  Yes, I think it's spring!  I have a couple of adorable spring bunnies to show you today, both of which are still available in my etsy shop.

Not all bunnies are meant for Easter.  I like to make some that are simply all about spring.  No eggs.  No chocolate.  That means you can keep them up well after the Easter candy is gone, which is especially nice this year since Easter came so early in March. 

This bunny has been hard at work, tending his garden.  He has a wonderful crop of carrots to show for his work.
He is wearing his favorite blue denim overalls and has a little white crepe paper collar.  The tops of the carrots are made with green tinsel and he carries a little shovel that I salvaged from a snowman in a jar that I broke.  (Don't ever throw stuff away like that!)
This adorable bunny is all dressed up in her favorite green gingham dress, made from paper.  She has a matching fluffy green crepe paper collar.  Two Swarovski crystals and a gingham bow (on the back) trim the dress.
She carries a bouquet of delicate lavender flowers tied with a white satin bow.  She is bringing these flowers to her grandma to brighten her day. 
I tried a new way of making the heads and faces on these bunnies.  Instead of long and pointy I made them more football shaped.  I'm torn as to which face I like the best.  David says these.  A friend of mine says the other.  I guess I will keep doing both! 
I hope you are all enjoying your spring!