Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Ladybug

I have another brand new piece to show today.  I've made Ladybugs before, but she is my newest one.  I like the way she has a 'coat' of red.  The first ladybug I made only had red wings on the back and you couldn't see them as well.  I know Ladybugs aren't red on their bellies, but for this I think it works.

She is carrying a little clay basket filled with daisies (because as we all know, daisies are my favorite flower!).  She has a fluffy crepe paper collar and a pretty red satin bow on her head.  I think she is adorable, but then, I'm a bit biased! LOL!
This darling ladybug will be available this afternoon over at Pfatt Marketplace, along with two other whimsical critters.  I hope you will go have a look!  (Pfatt Marketplacee will update around 1:00 Central time, so if you go and there are still bunnies on my page, please try again later today.)
Now that my spring shows are over, I'm taking a break from clay work to tackle a serious spring cleaning of the house.  Boy does it need it!  I actually enjoy cleaning, when I'm in the right mood and don't have other projects on my mind!  I know, sick, isn't it?
Have a great day!


  1. I love ladybugs and your ladybug is so cute Lisa!! Love her expression and her basket of daisies!

    1. Thanks, Trina! I think she is really cute!

  2. Love the red/black coat!! She is adorable!

    I enjoy cleaning also -- I get it from my mother. More than cleaning, I really love a clean house!!

    1. Thanks, Hilary!
      Your Mom is the Queen of need to spring clean at her house, because it never gets dirty! LOL!