Monday, April 8, 2013

My Newest Favorite

I know, I'm guilty of calling all my new pieces my favorites.  But when you see this one, I hope you will understand why.  Meet Daphne...

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?  I love her!
Let me tell you a bit about how Daphne came to be.  She was inspired by a fairy I made a couple years ago when I was visiting my friend Marian.  We spent our creative time making dolls, and this is one of the dolls I made:
This fairy started with a ready-made Bendi Doll. I painted the body a flesh tone, sculpted a face from polymer clay, and dressed her with a lime green silk top and a lime, turquoise and fuchsia tutu.  The front of her dress is adorned with little felt flowers and sequins.  I bent some wire into some simple wings and used a wool roving with metallic highlights for her hair.  She was a fun project, and I have her hanging in my studio.  She inspired me to create my newest art doll.
Daphne is sculpted from polymer clay.  I used lime green clay to create the base of her outfit.  She has shorts beneath her tutu.  I used the same felt flowers to decorate her and added Swarovski crystals to the centers.  Her tutu is hand-tied from dozens of pieces of lime green, turquoise and fuchsia tulle and tied with a bright pink satin ribbon.  I used larger felt flowers for her collar.  Marian was kind enough to give me some of the wool roving I used on the original fairy, so I used it for Daphne's hair.  She is holding a little glass bottle full of fairy dust.
The delicate fairy wings are made from pink wire and tissue paper.  I use several coats of sealer to give them strength.  Originally they were covered in white glitter, but once I got her all put together I didn't like how the white stood out against the colorful dress, so I added another coat of glue and covered them with two shades of pink glitter.  I think they look much better.
I am really happy with how Daphne turned out.  She was the first of three fairies I made last week.  She is currently available in my etsy shop here.  Her fairy friends will be joining her online soon.
I'd love to hear what you think of her!
Have a Happy Day!



  1. So cute Lisa, love the bright colors!! I can see why she's your new favorite!

    I had to laugh when I read that all of your newest pieces are your favorites, my newest creations seem to always be my newest favorites too! lol!!

    1. They are kind of like our babies, though, right? You spend so much time with them in the creating process that it's so hard not to get attached! LOL!

  2. She is quite magical...