Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bunnies in the Garden

Well, spring just might be here for real!  YAY!!  The days are getting longer.  The sun has been shining.  The temperatures are climbing.  The tulips are up but not yet blooming.  Robins are here in abundance.  Yes, I think it's spring!  I have a couple of adorable spring bunnies to show you today, both of which are still available in my etsy shop.

Not all bunnies are meant for Easter.  I like to make some that are simply all about spring.  No eggs.  No chocolate.  That means you can keep them up well after the Easter candy is gone, which is especially nice this year since Easter came so early in March. 

This bunny has been hard at work, tending his garden.  He has a wonderful crop of carrots to show for his work.
He is wearing his favorite blue denim overalls and has a little white crepe paper collar.  The tops of the carrots are made with green tinsel and he carries a little shovel that I salvaged from a snowman in a jar that I broke.  (Don't ever throw stuff away like that!)
This adorable bunny is all dressed up in her favorite green gingham dress, made from paper.  She has a matching fluffy green crepe paper collar.  Two Swarovski crystals and a gingham bow (on the back) trim the dress.
She carries a bouquet of delicate lavender flowers tied with a white satin bow.  She is bringing these flowers to her grandma to brighten her day. 
I tried a new way of making the heads and faces on these bunnies.  Instead of long and pointy I made them more football shaped.  I'm torn as to which face I like the best.  David says these.  A friend of mine says the other.  I guess I will keep doing both! 
I hope you are all enjoying your spring! 


  1. Which ever face you use Lisa, your bunnies are adorable! I love how you have incorporated paper in your creations. I never would have thought to use tinsel on the carrots. Very innovative!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! Using paper on my clay pieces allows me to use (and buy!)the paper crafting supplies I love so much! I enjoy using something unexpected in my work. I thought the tinsel worked great for the carrots because it holds it shape and gives them that fluffy-top look.

  2. Oh my goodness, they are so cute. love the gingham dress. Fabulous work.

    1. Thanks for stopping, Arlene! I have a soft spot for gingham and polka dots, so I really like this dress, too.

  3. I like the football head but the other head is good too so I think having both in your inventory is a good idea.
    These are super cute. I especially love the overalls, I imagine that being an old man bunny.

    In case you wondered, my mother has some of her spring bulbs blooming already -- but go figure -- there must be something magical in her soil...

    1. I'm going to continue to make both kinds of heads because I think they both work.

      It doesn't surprise me that your Mom has bulbs blooming. Her flowers are always so lovely. I hear they are getting dumped on with big snow again this week though.