Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorite--My Craft Garden

This week sure got away from me quickly!  I've been in the studio working on some brand new ideas that I hope to be able to show you next week.  But for now, it's Friday, and time for a Friday Favorite.

Spring is here.  (Right?)  At least the calendar says so.  Nothing says spring to me like seeing the first flowers of the season pop out in bloom.  Well, that's not happening around here yet, so I went looking for some on etsy.  I have had this shop, My Craft Garden, in my favorites folder forever.  I found them early on when I was putting together a treasury.  Being a polymer clay artist, I was highly impressed.

Now I've done my fair share of miniature work, with lots of tiny details.  I've rolled many an itsy-bitsy rose in my day.  However.  I have NEVER done flowers with the sort of realistic detail that these have.  And they are TINY!  All of these wonderful bouquets and mini gardens are made to dollhouse scale, so that means most of them are maybe an inch high!  Oh my!!  Go have a look around their shop.  I know you will be impressed.

Miniature Polymer Clay Flowers Supplies for Dollhouse
Daffodil and Daisy Miniature Polymer Clay Flowers Supplies
Minigarden, delicate and beautiful, select one from the list
Miniature Polymer Clay Flowers Supplies for Dollhouse Iris Daffodils Tulips
Miniature Roses Polymer Clay Flowers Supplies for Dollhouse 36 stems
Aren't these lovely?  I hope you will go have a look at My Craft Garden.  They have almost 300 items in their shop, all as beautiful as these I've chosen here.
I wish you all a very Blessed and Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter to you Lisa! Amazingly beautiful flowers on such a small scale. I am off to visit the shop.

    1. Hi, Sandy! Thanks for stopping! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Love these flowers, such amazing detail! I too, have had this shop in my favorites for a while now!! Thanks for featuring this awesome polymer clay artist today!

    Happy Easter to you Lisa, and Happy Spring!

    1. Isn't it amazing that we gravitate toward the same shops and artists on etsy? I suppose it's to do with the activity feed.

      Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  3. Replies
    1. These flowers have always impressed me. I can't believe how real they look!