Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Chocolate?

A couple years ago, when I began making these new whimsical bigger pieces, I started with a batch of Easter bunnies.  I wanted to make a dozen to have for a spring show.  As I was making yet another white rabbit, I thought, why not make a chocolate bunny?  Everyone loves a chocolate bunny!  Now, two years later, I'm still making versions of my chocolate bunnies.  They always seem to bring a smile to anyone who sees one.  This is my favorite chocolate bunny from this year's collection:

I sculpted this bunny using Premo polymer clay. This clay has a soft sheen to it that helps with the illusion that this is a chocolate bunny. He looks good enough to eat, but don't bite his ear off! 
He has a frilly sky blue crepe paper collar and two little pink and yellow clay flowers down his belly.  He is holding a striped clay Easter egg that matches his outfit. 
Easter will be here in about two weeks.  Are you ready? 
Happy Day!