Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Creative Challenge---The Final Project

If you've been reading the last few posts, you know that my friend Marian and I have an ongoing creative challenge.  Each year at Christmas we exchange a 'kit' of five random craft supplies and challenge each other to come up with a project using those supplies and up to three more.  You can see the full rules in this post.

Yesterday Marian showed you her project using the kit I put together.  Today it is my turn.

To recap, my kit contained these supplies:
  1. a block of black Premo polymer clay
  2. a few black and a few off-white chenille stems
  3. two types of black and off-white ribbon
  4. a collection of black and off-white printed papers
  5. coordinating cardboard buttons
I didn't have a predetermined idea as to what I planned to make with my kit.  My first thought was to do some sort of handmade book, but as I mulled it over, my 'day job' kept creeping in to my brain, and I decided I was going to make some sort of doll.
Instead of making it exactly how I normally do, I thought I would use some alternative materials to construct the body.  So I started with an oval-shaped paper mache box to use for the body.  I covered the box with the paper.  I planned to use the chenille stems for the arms and legs, but realized quickly that the doll would never stand on those legs, so I made legs with wire and covered them with the black clay.  Then I attached them to the box with more wire.  I was able to use the off white chenille for arms.
We are allowed to add more of any given supply, so I was able to make a head using flesh-toned clay.  It is also attached with wire.  I used curly wool roving for her hair, made a hat using the cardboard button and some coiled up chenille.  I made a little purse using more of the buttons and a little flower that is off a vintage earring.
When I attached the head I left a loop to hang a group of three little charms.  I tied one of the ribbons around her neck and added more chenille to trim her arms and legs.

One of the papers, as you can see, is a sheet of text.  I searched through the text to find words that would make a new sentence.  I glued these onto the base (which is the lid to the box.  It also has clay inside it to help keep the piece stable.)
The buttons on the shoes are actually the holes that punched out of the centers of the buttons!  I don't like to let anything go to waste!
I had a lot of fun with this project.  It was my regular work, but with a twist.  Perhaps I didn't work too far outside my comfort zone, but I'm really happy with the result nonetheless.
Have you been inspired by our kit projects?  They really are fun!  You should try it with one of your friends!
We'd love to hear from you!  Please leave your comments below!
PS--I've got a big show coming up this weekend, so I'm not going to be posting a Friday Favorite this week!  So, have a great weekend everyone!
Oh, if you happen to live in the Omaha area, my show is in Council Bluffs at the Mid-America Center.  I'd love it if you stopped by!



  1. I adore this art doll Lisa. What a wonderful job you did in creating her!

  2. Thank you, Sandy! I love her too. It was such a fun challenge. Maybe you and Trina should try doing some similar challenge... You are both very creative!

  3. Absolutely spectacular, Lisa! You did a great job with this. So much talent.


    1. thank you Arlene! this was a really fun project!