Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorite--Dianne's Baskets

As I was trying to decide what shop to feature today on Friday Favorites, I tried to think of something different than I have shown you before. Since Easter is just around the corner I wanted to feature a shop relevant to the upcoming holiday.  I searched first for chenille bunny, and didn't find anything that immediately spoke to me.  Then I thought, "How about a BASKET?"  Duh!!  An EASTER BASKET!!  There has got to be a nice shop on etsy that sells beautiful handmade baskets, right?  RIGHT!  Dianne's Baskets!

I know people joke about taking 'basket weaving' for an easy college credit, but those are the people who have NOT done basket weaving!  It is NOT a simple little granny craft!  It takes talent, and skill, and precision to make a beautiful, well-made basket, and Dianne shows that she has all of the above. She has an extensive collection of baskets in her shop, from purely utilitarian to wonderful works of art.  She weaves each basket by hand in her Wisconsin studio, from the finest quality materials available.  I hope you will take the time to go have a look around her etsy shop

Here are a few of my favorites:

Hand Woven Round Bowl-Type Basket, Easter Basket, Double Wall, Paster Colors
Hand Woven Round Easter Basket with Colorful Accent Weaving and a Wood Swing Handle
Large, Round Quatrefoil Basket, Hand Woven, Pink, Teal, Burgundy, Cathead Shape
Little Bucket Basket with Wire Handle, Red Accents, Hand Woven with Wood and Wire Swing Handle
Hand Woven Egg Basket with Twisted Reed Handle, Pink with a bit of Tan and Purples
Carolina Charm Basket - with Decorative Braided Handle, Hand Woven
Wouldn't any of these be lovely filled with Easter treats?  I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of Dianne's Baskets and that you will go have a look around her etsy shop.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the intricate work in some of Dianne's baskets. My favorite is The Egg Basket.

    1. She really does beautiful work! I'm so glad you stopped by to have a look.