Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorite--The Drifter Leather

SHOES!!  Wonderful SHOES!!  What woman doesn't love shoes?? 

Today's Friday Favorite is something very unique.  At least I've never seen anything like it on etsy until this past week.  HANDMADE SHOES!! Made to order.  Custom fit to your foot!  How cool is THAT?? 

The Drifter Leather is a team of three family members, Callie, Christianna, and their mother Maria.  They are continuing a family tradition of making beautiful shoes from the highest quality materials.  They have a lovely selection of several different styles.  Lots of adorable ballerina flats, some really cute lace-ups, and even boots.  They also make other leather accessories.  The shop is in Greece, so don't count on them to wear this Easter, but oh my gosh they are so cute!  They would be adorable with a pretty spring dress, or even a pair of jeans. 

Here are a few of my favorite pairs. 

Red Alert - Handmade Leather ballet flat shoes - CUSTOM FIT
Beige Rose - Handmade  Leather flat shoes - CUSTOM FIT
Leather and Lace - Handmade Leather Ballet flats - CUSTOM FIT
Chocolate Twist - Handmade Leather Ballet flats - CUSTOM FIT
Pink Tea Party - Handmade Leather & Fabric flat shoes -  CUSTOM FIT
Aren't these shoes adorable?  I wish I could have every pair!  Go have a look at The Drifter Leather and see all the other cute styles they have available.
For the record, I have a TON of shoes.  Far more than any one person needs.  I have actually been trying to purge some of them.  What I love about shoes is that they will always matter how much chocolate you eat! 
Have a wonderful weekend!  It's supposed to snow here.....I thought it was spring??


  1. I LOVE shoes, and you found such cute ones! Love the first red pair!! Off to visit Drifter Leather and see more!

    1. I think those are my favorites too. But I also really like the lace ups.

  2. They are all so cute, but my favorite pair are the Pink Tea Party shoes. Wonderful shop you have posted today Lisa.

    1. Thanks for stopping Sandy! I love the Tea Party shoes too!

  3. I think I would be afraid to wear them -- all the hard work making them by hand, plus they are so beautiful!

    1. Well, you certainly wouldn't want to wear them mucking through the snow! LOL!! They are beautiful! As for hard work making them by hand, aren't your wedding shoes handmade?