Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1031 Witch Way Part 2: The Spooks

Yesterday I shared a very long post about the building of the haunted house.  Today, let's chat about the dolls. 

We'll start with the witch.  The whole idea for this project began with trick or treaters and a wicked witch passing out candy.  I'm not exactly sure how wicked she really looks, but who can really tell for sure? 

This is Verdi, so named because of her green hair.  Instead of doing a green-faced witch, which I normally associate with a wicked witch, I decided to do a very pale-faced witch.  She still has warts and a long, pointed nose, but she also has dark shadows beneath her eyes.  Her clothes look black in this picture, but they are really dark grey.  The skirt is made from cotton and trimmed with black cotton lace.  She has striped clay stockings, a black fringe shawl, crepe paper collar and a tall witch hat.  Her big purple bowl is filled to the brim with tiny clay sweets. 
Opal and Onyx.  When I was sculpting this piece, she was intended to be a spooky little girl, trapped in the attic of the haunted house, with no one for company but her black cat.  I think the white hair made her look older than I intended.  So maybe she's one of those people that you really can't tell their age!  HAHA!  I dressed her in pale grey and white, so she would stand out against the dark house.  Her skirt is three layers of sheer, silky fabric with a bit white satin bow.  I added Swarovski crystals to her grey slippers.  She wears a pearl necklace and crystal earrings.  Even her loving cat, Onyx, has a crystal on her collar.  

This is Humphrey Boogart.  He is a hunch-backed old man who likes to collect skulls.  Where does he get them, I'm afraid to ask!!  He is dressed all in shades of grey, with Swarovski crystal buttons and a crepe paper collar.  I chose to leave him completely bald.  I've never done that before.  In profile, you would see his hunch back better, and how long his nose is.  He is a little bit creepy, but that's OK by me! 
And now for the trick or treaters:
This is Hallie.  What little girl hasn't dressed up as a witch at least once in their childhood?  For me, it was 3rd grade.  Hallie is dressed all in black with a pleated grosgrain skirt, a velvet cape with matching hat.  She has striped clay stockings and a crepe paper collar.  I glittered her boots and added orange Swarovski crystals.  There is also a green silk ribbon tied around her hat that you don't see here.  I love her strawberry blond curls.  Her black cat bucket is filled with tiny treats.

I love this little guy!  His name is Bonz.  I sculpted him in a black body suit and then painted the skeleton on.  I only wish I would have done his hands as well.  I trimmed his suit with chenille cuffs and a crepe paper collar.  I wanted him to wear a mask.  First I sculpted his normal face and baked it.  Then, to get the mask to fit well, I formed it right over his face.  I had intended to make it removable, but in the end I chose to have it stay attached.  I gave him blue eyes, and I used black pastels to darken around them.  He has a few blond curls.  A skull bucket filled with handmade candies is the finishing touch.

Caspar really is a friendly little ghost!  I made plain grey pants and a white shirt, then layered pieces of white, wispy fabric over that.  I even made a little hood with eye holes cut out of it.  He has big green eyes--he looks like perhaps he has seen a REAL ghost.  I love his little sneakers with their striped laces.  For a bit of color, I added a pumpkin bucket to hold his candy.  

Last, but certainly not least, is Katniss.  She is adorable, if I say so myself!  I sculpted her in a black jumpsuit, intending to just give her a chenille tail, some sort of buttons down the front and a crepe paper collar.  When I was adding the tail, I started winding the chenille around her body, and it struck me that she should be furry all over!  She's a cat!  Then I made a hood with little felt ears to finish off the cat-ness of it.  A tiny bit of auburn curls pokes out beneath the hood.  When I was a cat as a kid, my mom painted whiskers and a nose on my face, so that's what I did with this doll.  I debated about giving her a bow around her neck, even tried it a couple of times, but I decided I liked her better without it.  She had a little pumpkin pail full of sweets.

In dreaming of this project, I had visions of more costumed kids.  And of a witch with a cauldron in the yard, and and and.....but time takes its toll on big plans sometimes.  In the end, I think this project worked out just right....with the perfect number of spooky characters. 

I'm hoping to be able to make another haunted house or two.  It was so rewarding, to work on something so different from what I do day to day, and have it turn out even better than I envisioned it.  It was a TON of work, and so many hours were logged, as well as sleepless nights working out details in my head. 

I'll leave you with one last look at the whole scene.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Love, love, love this piece!! Did I say LOVE? ... ok good! What a gorgeous vignette of dolls, Lisa!! The house - AMAZING!! I can seriously see this in a store front window with people just looking admiring it all. You really put a ton of work into this piece and I am keeping my fingers crossed for your submission!! Cheers my friend! LeeAnn, Charmed Confections

    1. It wasn't clear, LeeAnn....do you LOVE it? Haha! Seriously, thank you for such a glowing compliment. You are so sweet!!

  2. Such beautiful work... I loved all of your creations....I am a novice at clay...😊