Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Peppermint and Pfatt

Pfatt Marketplace will be updating today, so I thought I would give you at peek at what I have available over there for this month.  Each of these pieces is only available on Pfatt Marketplace.  None will be listed in my etsy shop this year.

I have sort of a peppermint theme happening here:

I wanted to do a few Santas that were not what you expect Santa to look like.  He doesn't wear that fur-trimmed red suit every day!  This time he is wearing a red and white striped shirt with bright green pants.  (I know they don't look that bright in the picture, which is a little dark.)  His black clay boots are trimmed in red chenille and little gold brads.  A red stud buckles his belt and his collar is made from crepe paper.  I sculpted his face with a trim white beard.  His traditional hat is hand-sewn from red wool felt and trimmed with white fluffy chenille and a little holly button.  He is holding a large peppermint candy tied with a green organza ribbon.  Glass glitter covers his base.  It sort of looks like sugar, doesn't it?

This Kris Kringle is wearing a white shirt and green pants, striped stockings and black boots, all sculpted from clay.  I made a vest and matching hat from deep red velvet and trimmed the hat with white chenille and a little gold bell.  A green crepe paper collar finishes the look.  He is holding a big acrylic candy cane that is as tall as he is!  Either that's one big candy cane, or he's one tiny elf, I'm not sure which!
I love making elves!  They always look so fun!  She is dressed in a green polka dot body suit and a little red pleated fabric skirt.  Hidden from view is her black ribbon belt.  Her little black boots have pointy toes and are trimmed with white chenille.  Her collar is crepe paper.  I love her quirky little smile and her pointed elf ears!  She has a lot of unruly light brown curls made from curly wool roving.  I hand-sewed her hat from green felt and trimmed it with tiny pompom fringe, a little red bow and a silver bell.  She is carrying a tray of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. 
This elf is no longer available, but I thought I would show it to you because he is the companion piece to the girl.  He wears a similar outfit, and is carrying two chenille candy canes and little holly-trimmed gingerbread man.
I hope you will all head over to Pfatt Marketplace this afternoon (it updates at about 11:00 Central time) and check out all the wonderful, original art offered by all of the very talented artists represented there.  I still feel very honored to have my work shown on the same website as many of them! 
Off to work....(I wish I had those two elves up there busily finishing my orders!)

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