Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is coming, right?

It's been a harsh winter.  While we haven't gotten very much snow here in Omaha, our temperatures have been brutal!  I'm really ready for spring, and I think I'm not alone!  So now that I am finally back to work in the newly remodeled studio (posts about that coming this week, I promise!) I have been working on a few new Easter pieces. 

These three Easter sweeties can be found on my Pfatt Marketplace page later today. 

Bonnie Bunny is all dressed up in her finest Easter dress.  The bodice is sculpted from lavender clay, and the skirt is hand sewn from a cute polka dot print and edged with ribbon and lace.  I finished the look with a crepe paper collar and Swarovski crystals.  She wears a clay hat trimmed with flowers and holds an Easter basket filled with moss and tiny eggs, tied with a pretty silk ribbon.

Eggbert with Bunny Ears is another version of a design I did last year.  I love him!  My sister says he reminds her of the m&m guy, and she's right!  He is sculpted from blue clay with yellow and pink accents.  His grey boots are trimmed with pink chenille and blue Swarovski crystals.  I made his bunny ears from wool felt and fluffy chenille.  A bit of wire allows them to be bent at a quirky angle.  His clay basket is filled with moss and tiny eggs and trimmed with a pink satin bow.

Chocolate Chunk with an Egg is a different style of Easter bunny than I have done before.  A bit more egg-shaped with a quirky face and hand-painted yellow-green eyes, she has a pretty pink gingham bow on her ear.  The big egg is sculpted from yellow clay with pink and white flowers and is covered with very fine pink glitter.  It looks like it's sugar coated!  The brown clay is the color and sheen of chocolate, so this bunny looks good enough to eat! 
I hope you will hop on over to Pfatt Marketplace this afternoon and have a look around.  And not just at my page.  Check out everyone!  I'm sure there will be lots of sweet Easter surprises over there.  I know for sure my friend LeeAnn Kress of Charmed Confections has one ADORABLE bunny!  You MUST go have a look!  Pfatt will update around mid-day. 
Oh, and the time change.....UGH!!  I think we'll all agree about that, right?
Remember, if you click the links to Pfatt and you see my snowmen, the page hasn't updated yet.  Be sure to go this afternoon, and you will find the newest listings!

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