Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Summer is already half over!  The seasons always dash by so quickly, but especially so when I'm working on fall/Halloween/Christmas art in the summer! 

The coming of fall also means the much anticipated autumn issue of Art Doll Quarterly is on its way.  This is always my favorite issue of the magazine.  This year is no exception, and I'm especially pleased because FOUR of my Halloween art dolls made it into this issue!  I'm so thrilled!! 

Here is the cover, with a wonderful Day of the Dead Bride doll by Sylvia Smiser:

And here are the TWO PAGES that feature my dolls in the Show and Tell Gallery:

So perhaps I spoiled the surprise of seeing my work first-hand in the magazine, but you should still go pick up a copy for yourself.  There are so many wonderful artists represented, including some of my favorites:
LeeAnn Kress of Charmed Confections
Marguerite Noschese of My Witchy Women
Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou
Amy Beeler of The Enchanted Doodler
Robert Eberz of Grimm Grinz Studio
Scott Smith of Rucus Studio
Art Doll Quarterly will be available on newsstands August 1st.  You can find it at Barnes and Noble and Joanns Fabric and Crafts.  I think Michaels carries it, too.  Or you can order a copy online at https://stampington.com/art-doll-quarterly/Art-Doll-Quarterly-Autumn-2015
I hope you are all enjoying your summer!



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    1. Thank you, Trina! I'm always so excited to have my work recognized!