Tuesday, October 22, 2013

For the Love of Candy Corn

I didn't get here all last week!  What's up with that?  Well, it's 'crunch time' as we like to call it at our house---that time of year when fall show season is in full swing, and I spend 90% of my waking hours in the studio.  Sometimes even things I love to do get kicked to the curb.

I also traveled out to western Nebraska to do a little craft show that benefits the community rest home and assisted living center.  When my Dad was alive, he was very involved with the rest home, serving as President of its board for many years, and serving as interim Administrator for a couple of years. He also established a non-profit foundation to help with funding projects that are not in the meager budget.  Dad quite truthfully gave new life to a place that was in danger of being shut down.  Sadly, it is in trouble again.  I know he's looking down on it and is NOT PLEASED!  Anyway.  They have a craft show each year to raise a little money for projects, and I set my booth up in honor of my father and his great work with the place.  The show is NOT worth doing from a financial standpoint for me, but it's for a worthy cause.  I also got to spend the weekend with my Mom, which was very nice, and I got to see my brother and one of my sisters.  So it was not a total waste of time! LOL! 

So that's where I've been.  Now I'm back and ready to show you another ADORABLE Halloween witch.  Meet Candys Cornwall.

Candys Cornwall was inspired, obviously, by candy corn.  I love candy corn, but only in the fall around Halloween, when I know it is perfect and fresh.  (My Dad loved candy corn, too!)  I wanted to make a witch that is as sweet as this favorite holiday treat.  

The top of her dress is sculpted from white clay.  I found a fun orange print for her skirt and trimmed it with some yellow crocheted lace and rick-rack.  I added a ribbon belt to ease the edge between the fabric and the clay.  I finished the dress with Swarovski crystals and a crepe paper collar.

I love her hat!  It looks very much like a piece of candy corn!  I pieced it together from wool felt and trimmed it with a band of white chenille.  It needed a little 'something' so I made a tiny black cat face pin and tucked it into the hat band. 
I think Candys Cornwall has one of the sweetest faces I have sculpted!  Every time I look at her I smile!  She has soft green eyes and lightly blushed cheeks.  I used a pretty auburn curly wool roving for her hair.  I think it sets off nicely from her dress.  The finishing touch on this adorable witch is her little black cat, Licorice, that I sculpted from clay. 
Candys Cornwall is still available, and you can find her in my etsy shop, A Piece of Lisa
I've nearly wrapped up showing you my Halloween characters for the year.  I have a few more, but soon we will move on to Christmas!  (I hope you don't think it's too early for that!)
Have a sweet day!


  1. Oh my goodness Lisa, just too cute!!!

  2. Shes adorable! I love her candy corn hat with the little black cat peeping out! Hugs,Tee

    1. I think the cat in the hat really finished her nicely! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It nice that you do that for your father, I bet he very proud of you And she so cute

    1. My Dad was very instrumental in me persuing my art career...very supportive and one of my biggest fans. I try to honor him in every way I can! Thanks for your nice comments, Debb!