Thursday, October 31, 2013

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Hagatha Crow

It's Halloween already!  This month FLEW by more quickly than a witch on a broomstick! 

Of course, in some ways, it's seemed like Halloween for months at my house, because I have been working on my Halloween art dolls since the 4th of July.

I've saved my very favorite witch for last.  I know I mentioned that Clara was my favorite and that I might have to keep her.  Well, a few days later I made Hagatha Crow and SHE became my new favorite.  In the end, I did offer Clara for sale at my shows, but I kept 'forgetting' to put Hagatha out on display.  Now she is proudly sitting on the end table in my living room. 

I went all out creating Hagatha Crow.  The top of her dress is sculpted from black clay and she has grey speckled stockings and black boots.  I had lots of fun dressing her up!  I sewed a skirt from black satin fabric, raveling the edge a little bit.  I used a gathered velvet and organza stretchy ribbon for her belt.  I added a crepe paper collar, but I wanted something really special for her cape.  I'll get to that in a minute.

I love this view!  It shows how hunch-backed she is and also gives a great look at her long, pointy nose.

Here you see her cape.  It's made from real feathers!  Now that I use all sorts of 'stuff' on my art dolls, part of the fun is shopping in EVERY department at the craft stores!  I found this wonderful black feathered trim in the upholstery department at Hobby Lobby.  The feathers were already set into a black satin ribbon binding, and they happen to be the perfect length for a cape!  I love it when the details fall into place nicely like that!

Get a good look at her green hand-sculpted face!  She has lightly blushed cheeks and lips, hand-painted grey eyes lined with black.  I even added dark shadows on her face.  And yes, that is a wart on her chin!  She wears a skull and crossbones necklace, Swarovski crystal earrings, and carries a little black bird.  (This bird was actually white. I painted it black and added an extra feather for a longer tail.  At the time I couldn't find a CROW or a real BLACKBIRD anywhere in the stores and everything I found online was way too big.  Since then I've found some at Michaels.  They are much bigger than this one, but will work great in the future.  I stocked up for next year!)
Hagatha has grey wool roving hair twisted up in a bun beneath her tall witch's hat.  It's covered in the same satin as her skirt, edged with chenille, and adorned with a big black feather and another Swarovski crystal.  (There are also crystals on her shoes.)
Hagatha Crow is a very fancy old witch.  She looks pretty wicked, but I think, actually, old age has tamed her a little bit.  Good or Evil, I love her no matter which!!
Well, I think I've shown you nearly all of the Halloween spooks I created this year.  There are a few that didn't get featured.  Some of them are listed in my etsy shop, if you want to go browse around there. 
A Piece of Lisa is also beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Ornaments, Santas and Snowmen are trickling into my etsy shop almost daily.  You won't want to miss out!  I'll begin to feature those on the blog next week.  Until then.....


  1. Ooo she is my favorite too!! Love her, Lisa! Happy Halloween to you!!

    1. Thanks, LeeAnn! I love her so much! I'm glad other people do too!

  2. Love her! That side view makes me smile!! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween Lisa!!

    1. Thanks Trina! I like how animated she is with her hunched back.

  3. Lisa, she is such a fashionable witch! An awesome creation for sure!

    1. I guess I hadn't thought of her as fashionable, but I suppose she is! LOL! Thanks for stopping by Sandy.