Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't Forget About Autumn!

Sometimes I feel autumn and Thanksgiving get a raw deal.  We fill our homes with Halloween decorations and our bellies full of Halloween candy, and for some, as soon as the last Snickers bar is consumed and the ghosts and goblins have been tucked away for another year, the Christmas tree is already up in the front window!  There is this whole month of November when we can celebrate the beauty and the bounty of fall! But it seems to get shoved aside in favor of the red and green.  Don't get me wrong....I LOVE Christmas, and I LOVE to decorate for it.  But I have a strict rule about not putting up my tree until the first week of December.  OK, granted.  A lot of that rule stems from the fact that I don't have time to put up my decorations until show season is over.  But honestly, I wouldn't even if I did.  I like to keep the magic of Christmas in December.

(Now, I'm not scolding those of you who have already started decking the halls.  If that's your thing, great.)

Today I'm going to show you a couple of fun little characters I created just for fall.  I had such a good time making my funny Jacks for Halloween, I thought to myself, "Why not an autumn pumpkin man?  Pumpkins are not just for Halloween!"  And here is what happened when I listened to that voice in my head:

He has prominent facial features accented with lovely brown eyes.  The hat is hand-sewn from wool felt and trimmed with chenille and a autumn-colored ribbon.  He holds a garland of greenery and sunflowers. 

Also sculpted with a prominent nose and big brown eyes, he features a similar hat adorned with a sunflower, and carries a bouquet of autumn bounty.  Both pieces have golden yellow and green stripes on their arms and legs, green mittens trimmed with chenille and brown boots.
I'm really pleased with how these two autumn Jacks turned out.  I love the colors of fall so much!  You can find both of these adorable fellows in my etsy shop, A Piece of Lisa.
Happy Fall!

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  1. Love them both Lisa!! And I do agree... Thanksgiving does get lost, and it seems the stores and everything go right from Halloween to Christmas...