Monday, May 12, 2014

Ezmerelda, A Wicked Witch

The thing I love about creating Halloween characters is that anything goes!  Sometimes, the uglier, the better.  As is the case with Ezmerelda.....

Now, that is one ugly witch!  Green face, great big nose, wonky eyes, dark shadows, and even a few warts!  She is quite wicked, so you better watch out.  She's keeping an eye on you!
I spent a lot of time on her, getting the details just right.  First she was sculpted from polymer clay...purple and orange striped stockings, black boots and the top of her dress (saggy boobs and all), and of course her wicked green face and hands. 
I added a skirt, cloak and hat made from black micro-suede fabric.  The skirt is trimmed with black velvet ribbon and a ribbon flower.  The cloak is lined with deep purple satin.  Two silver brads, orange Swarovski crystals and a bit of chain attach the cloak.  The hat was made from paper and covered with the fabric, then trimmed with flowing purple silk ribbons and a Swarovski crystal.  She has a crepe paper collar, and chenille trim and crystals on her boots.  I used grey wool roving to create her long wild hair.

Ezmerelda is ready to fly off at any moment on her broom.  A glittered foam bat soars from her wrist with wire.  She stands on a golden clay base that is covered with glass glitter.
I just listed this wicked old girl in my etsy shop.  You can find the listing here.  Lots of new spooks will be trickling into the shop in the coming days and weeks, so keep checking back! 
We survived a very ugly storm last evening.  Tornadoes were nearby but thankfully they didn't hit our area.  But there is storm damage from wind and lightening and rain all through the city, and many people are without power.  We were blessed.  Others were not quite so lucky.  It was a doozy!  It's just the beginning of severe storm season here in Eastern Nebraska.  While I love a good thunderstorm, I could do without heading to the basement for tornadoes! 
I hope you all have a safe and happy day! 


  1. She is sweetly wicked. Love her. Glad to hear that you were safe. Here in California we are in the fire danger climate. Water rationing with soon to be hot days ahead. Enjoy your week and stay safe.

  2. I really love this one, something about those eyes that pulled me in! Halloween is right around the corner. The season is changing here in Colorado Springs - feels like Fall already!