Wednesday, July 2, 2014

HEDWIG, the wicked witch

OK.  Where has the time gone?  I have been working like crazy to get ready for FIVE BIG SHOWS I have this fall, so I have barely had time for anything else!  I thought, perhaps, it might be wise to check in here so you all don't think I have fallen off the planet.

Today I am giving you a little peak at one of my new favorite witches, Hedwig.  She is a little bit evil, carrying around those skulls.  Where did she get them?  I'm afraid to ask!  She looks like the sort of witch you don't want to cross!

I just love a green-faced witch.  Hedwig has grey eyes with dark shadows beneath them, a bit of rosiness to her cheeks, and of course, a couple of warts!

This picture gives a great view of her impressive profile.  Now THAT is a nose to be proud of!

I love discovering new embellishments to add to my art dolls.  This lovely fringe is made of threads and narrow satin ribbons, in shades of ivory, beige and grey.  It makes a perfect cape! 
About the Witches of Giggleswick....if you remember last year, we had that wonderful blog hop.  Two of our coven have worked very hard to give us an additional online presence.  We have this facebook page set up so we can share our love of Halloween and our Halloween art.  Be sure to click on the 'photos' button beneath the banner, and then click on the 'albums' button.  Each artist has two albums, one is a gallery of past work, and the other is a collection of art available to purchase.  LeeAnn and Carly have assembled a very nice group of artists.  I encourage you to go 'like' our page, and check out all the photo albums.  See that button on my sidebar for the Witches of Giggleswick?  Click it, and it will take you there.
I have added a new tab along the top of this page, Show Schedule.  Click it if you are interested in finding out where I will be showing this fall.  I hope to see some of you at one or more of my shows! 
OK...I have a to do list that seems to never get any shorter, so I must get back to work.  I am going to TRY to get here a bit more often now.  I finally have taken some pictures of some of my newest pieces, and I'm dying to show them to you!
Have a wonderfully wicked day!


  1. Love this witch Lisa!! Great work!! Good to 'see' you! :) Sounds like you've been busy!

  2. Hi Trina! It's been a long time. Good to hear from you!

  3. The nose on this one is killin' me - haha - the profile picture is THE BEST!