Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favorite--Creative Chics Aprons

Wow!  It's Friday again already!  Time for another Favorite.  Let's go to Creative Chics Aprons and have some fun!

I don't wear aprons.  Perhaps I should, because I tend to be a messy cook.  But if I did wear aprons, the first stop on my shopping trip would be Creative Chics.  This group of five women from Kansas City, Kansas, have a dizzying array of adorable aprons available.  Each one is a modern take on a vintage style.  Each one is fun and fabulous.  Choosing five or six for this post was nearly impossible, because they have many styles and SO MANY CHOICES!  You can tell that these women are serious fabric junkies (I mean that in the very nicest, best way!)

So, here goes. 

Ruffled Retro Apron - Cute Womens Apron in Country Fall Floral with Flirty Gingham Handmade Full Kitchen Apron
Ruffled Retro Apron . Flirty Full Womens Apron in Large Geometric Floral Designs on Brown With Dots Trim
Sweetheart Retro Apron , Sexy Kitchen Apron in Michael Miller Surf Collection Grey Black and White
Womens Bib Full Apron . Full Kitchen Apron Handmade in Fall Colors of Riley Blakes  Brown and Orange Perfect for Monogram or Personalization
Cute Kitsch Retro Apron / Handmade Full Retro Womens Apron in Red Gingham and Turquoise Bodice
Christmas Apron . Cute Retro Womens Half Apron With Ruffles is One Of A Kind Handmade Holiday Apron
Aren't these wonderful?  I love them!  Are you like me and don't wear aprons?  Well, I think they would look fantastic just hanging in your kitchen as well!  I hope you'll go have a look at all of Creative Chics fun, retro aprons. 
Have a fun weekend!
OK....just one more....

Retro Full Kitchen Apron / Womens Apron for Christmas and all Year Thru in Red Floral Bonnie and Camille Moda Fabric


  1. I love aprons!! You found such cute ones, thanks for sharing!!

    1. Aren't these wonderful?? They are so colorful and fun! I always enjoy sharing my favorites!

  2. Oh wonderful selection from our store and can't thank you enough for featuring us on your blog! Wishing you all the very best always.

    1. Debbie, I'm so pleased to feature your wonderful aprons! They are delightful! I wish you great success this holiday season!

  3. Adorable! Another great Friday selection, Lisa!

    1. Thanks, Marian! I thought these were fun and different. I'm glad you enjoyed them, too!