Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Last Spook

Since today is Halloween I thought I would celebrate by showing you one last spook from my 2012 Halloween collection.  This one is perhaps my favorite.  OK.  I know.  I say that alot.  She's at least in my top ten.  I LOVE HER!

Meet Jackie Sparkle:

My pumpkin head witches were popular this year.  I made several versions of this one:
They were never exactly alike, of course, but they were similar---dressed in striped stockings and a black tulle dress.  One day when I was making one, I thought, why not change it up a bit?  And Jackie Sparkle was born.
I dressed her in an orange body suit with black polka dots.  Her skirt is made from dozens of pieces of orange glittered tulle.  I used black crepe paper for her collar.  Her hat is made from paper covered in black velvet and trimmed with a little strip of tulle to match her skirt.  To add a bit more sparkle, I covered her boots in black glitter and trimmed them with chenille.  She is carrying a baton with a black glittered cat head on the end. 
Jackie Sparkle is off to a Halloween party tonight.   I think she will be the Belle of the Ball, don't you?
It's been fun sharing my whimsical Halloween characters with you. I hope you have enjoyed them.  To see more of my work, visit my etsy shop or my Pfatt Marketplace page. 
Have a safe and fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Don't let the goblins get ya!


  1. Love them all Lisa, I think Jackie Sparkle will definitely be the Belle of the Ball tonight! Happy Halloween to you! :)

    1. Thanks, Trina! I hope you have a Happy Halloween too! :D