Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favorite #3--Angela Moulton, Pratt Creek Art

Today we are visiting Pratt Creek Art.  I first discovered Angela's delightful artwork when I found a treasury in my activity feed featuring this group of four wonderful robin paintings:

four robins original oil paintings by angela moulton each 6 x 6 inches 15 x 15 cm

I clicked on these charming little birds and was delighted by the other work I found in her shop.  I love her painterly, impressionistic style.  I love how much life and movement each painting has.  There is a lot of energy in her work, and I adore it.  The quick brushstrokes.  The lively color.  How it seems she mixes her colors on the canvas rather than the palette.  Each piece has a wonderful personality, and I am so pleased to share her art with you today.

Angela paints with oil, and in her shop you will find both original paintings and prints of her work.  None of her pieces are very large, so you are bound to find someplace in your home to tuck one of these delightful little works of art.  She has a nice range of subject matter as well---birds, flowers, landscapes and still-life scenes.  There is something for eveyone!  I particularly love her birds and flowers.  I've narrowed my choices down to these few pieces. 

three barn swallows print by moulton 5 x 7 inch

cerulean warbler no. 12 original painting by moulton 5 x 5 inch

oriental pink poppies original painting by moulton 12 x 12 inches

orange rose in cobalt bottle open-edition print by moulton 8 x 8 inch 20 x 20 cm

little robin on branch open edition print 5 x 5 inch by angela moulton

I really do adore Angela's paintings, and I hope you will follow the links to Pratt Creek Art.

Have a wonderful weekend!

I couldn't resist adding one more piece.....this cat is really wonderful!

sleeping cat open edition print by angela moulton 5 x 7 inch


  1. To read an interview with Angela, click on this link:

  2. You do a great job of bringing other wonderful artist's work to your readers. I love these paintings and likely would never have encountered her work if you hadn't posted it. I admire your generosity in supporting other artists as well as the work you do.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I really do enjoy showcasing other artist's work. There are thousands of talented people on etsy, so I should never run out of wonderful work to profile.

  3. Hi angela are u painting any more of these robins
    Thanks rebecca