Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lady Bug So Small and Red

"Ladybug so small and red, creeping through the flower bed."

I have that cute little phrase painted on a stepping stone in my garden.  Two of my favorite things to find in a garden are ladybugs and daisies.  Those two things inspired this adorable creature.

This sweet little love bug is hand sculpted from black clay over a wire and foil armature.  Her red wings are dotted with tiny circles of black clay.  I feel the personality of any piece is in the details--the curly wire antennae, the darling satin bow on her head, the crepe paper collar, the sweet little fabric daisies---all these things make her the precious little darling that she is. 

My clay figurines are each lovingly handmade, and while I might repeat an idea or a design, no two are ever exactly alike.  What's the fun in that? 

I hope this sweet little bug brings a smile to you day!
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