Monday, December 10, 2012

Elvin and Holly

At this time of year I have new found respect for Santa's elves, because I feel like one!  I'm busy every day in my studio creating pieces that will bring joy to others come Christmas morning.  I am not, however, quite this cute....

When I am hard at work, I tend to be in yoga pants and a t-shirt (or sweatshirt, depending on the level of chill in my studio).  I am NOT dressed in a fun little holiday outfit like Elvin and Holly.  Look how happy they are in their bright red and green!
This is Elvin.  He is one of Santa's hardest working elves.  I think he might be in charge.  He loves his job so much, as you can tell by the joyful expression on his face.  Right now he is working to decorate the sleigh with red flocked sleigh bells and green polka dot ribbon. 
Elvin's bright red and green outfit is sculpted from clay, and trimmed with chenille, crepe paper and tiny white pompoms.  His shoes have itsy-bitsy bells on the toes.  I found some tiny fabric Santa hats at Hobby Lobby that fit him perfectly, and added a bit of green ribbon and a glittered holly button. 
His cute little face is hand sculpted with pointy elf ears (you can't really see them here).  His big, round eyes are hand painted green and I added very, very blond wool roving for his hair.  Isn't he just adorable?
This is Elvin's very best friend, Holly.  She works very hard too, and is very happy to do it!  She's been in charge of decorating the Christmas tree with tiny acrylic snowflakes.  It's going to sparkle when it's finished! 
Holly's striped bodysuit is sculpted from clay, but her darling skirt is a bit of pre-pleated trim.  It was the perfect length to make a skirt for an elf!  LOVE IT!  I added a bit of sparkle with a glittered holly button.  Red chenille and crepe paper finish off the look.  She also has tiny bells on her shoes. 
I love Holly's sweet little face!  She has a very full lower lip, and it almost looks like she is sticking her tongue out, but she is NOT!  She would NEVER!  That would put her on the naughty list, and no one wants to be on the naughty list!  Holly has a cute button nose and pointy elf ears and big,  hand painted green eyes.  She has tried to tame her wild, unruly wool roving curls by tying them into pigtails with green satin ribbons. 
Holly and Elvin are both available in my etsy shop.  You can find Holly here, and Elvin here.  They would be happy to come over and decorate your home for Christmas!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if EVERYONE was this happy during this joyful season?
Have a great day!

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