Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Different Take on Two Favorites

I've mentioned before that sometimes it's difficult coming up with fresh ways to make the holiday's most iconic characters---Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus.  Here are two ornaments that I think fit that criteria.  Yes, they are Frosty and Santa, but in an unexpected way.

This is Frosty's most favorite time of year, and he loves to celebrate the season.  He's off to a holiday party, wearing a polka dot party hat and a ruffled collar made from lime green, bright green and red metallic clay.  Doesn't he look festive?
Someone asked me why I called this one an elf and not Santa.  Well, Santa is a 'right jolly old elf'.  This Santa is short and wide and a little bit angular---sort of a modern take on a traditional motif.  He wears a bright red suit trimmed with white, with little triangle toggle buttons.  He has lime green mittens that match the sprig of holly on his hat.  Even his beard is a little bit pointy.  An angular piece of clay has the year and another spring of holly cut from tiny pieces of clay.  A shiny silver jingle bell finishes off this adorable elf. 
You can find either of these whimsical ornaments in my etsy shop.  They are also available here, on my Pfatt Marketplace page, during the month of December.  Pfatt Marketplace updated on Monday, with each artist offering new creations.  If you haven't checked out this awesome site I encourage you to do so.  The artists represented are wonderfully talented.  I feel honored to be among them.
I hope these two unusual ornaments put a smile on your face!
Here is a look at one more ornament.  A little bit more traditional version of Santa.  Sadly, this one is no longer available.  It joins the list of retirees for 2012. 
Father Christmas
Dressed in a long, red coat with white 'fur' edged in teeny-tiny holly leaves, Father Christmas is on his way to deliver a few toys.  A doll, a toy soldier, a tiny wrapped present and a candy cane stuff his pouch.  He is carrying a walking stick with a candle lantern on top.  I loved this one!  




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    1. Hi, Sandy! Thanks for dropping by, and for the lovely compliment!

  2. I love your versions of Frosty and Santa, your ornaments are awesome Lisa!

    1. Thanks, Trina! It's always fun to try something different with a character we all know and love. That's what keeps me going!