Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three More Ornaments

Can you believe that Christmas is just THREE WEEKS AWAY??  I find that amazing!  It always seems to creep up on me!  I'm hoping you are all in better shape with your holiday preparations than I am!  I'm so behind, but eventually it will get done.  It always does....

Since the holiday is quickly approaching, I want to show you a few more of my limited edition ornaments today.  Each of these is still available in my etsy shop.

I like to give my ornaments titles, and I love a silly play on words.  These three each have a bit of whimsy to their names.

A cute little skinny snowman, with tree branch arms, a sporty green vest, a navy scarf and little red earmuffs. He's got a really long carrot nose and he's holding a silver star with the year.
Will he melt?  Probably.
This must be one TINY Santa if he's holding on to a snowflake!  This jolly old elf is dressed in a bright red suit with holly and teeny candy canes in his pocket.  He's holding a little teddy bear in his other hand.  A real jingle bell hangs from the year.
Is it a Santa?  Is it a Snowman?  It's both!  Snow-Ho-Ho features the best of both iconic Christmas icons....a bright red Santa suit and a carrot nose.  He's hugging a tiny teddy bear and a silver star with the year and a white jingle bell hangs from his other mitten.
I wish you all a season full of whimsy!



  1. Your ornaments are as cute as ever Lisa!! Love that you name them, and "Willie Melt" is a great name!

    NO, I CAN'T believe that Christmas is only three weeks away! and NO I am not ready at all!! This year has gone by way too fast. So much to do... So little time!

    Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season! :)

    1. Thank you,Trina! I'm sure you are busy busy busy with orders too.....both a good thing and a bad thing, right?? LOVE the business, but wish I had some helpful elves :D