Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Gypsy Witch

I've been so busy creating lots of whimsical Halloween characters for the last two months.  I spent a good chunk of the last several days taking pictures, editing pictures, writing etsy listings and putting things  up in A Piece of Lisa.  You really should go have a look around my shop now!  It's full of lots of new things.....and there are still more to come!

All those jobs listed above are my least favorite part of my work.  All I ever want to do is CREATE things, but without the pictures, how would I ever show them off to all of you?  It's a necessary task, so I get it done.

Today I want to show you one of my newest favorites.  I think she gives Clara a run for her money on being my favorite piece.  I would love to keep her too, but I did list her in my etsy shop just this morning. 

This is Clarice.  She is a gypsy.  Some call her a witch.  I think she's a little of both.  I like to think of her as Clara's daughter.  She inherited her ability to see the future.

She is dressed like a gypsy for sure, with her floral print skirt and matching head scarf.  She even has a long fringed shawl and jewelry.
She has very prominent facial features that are accented with hand-painted details....coppery-gold eye shadow, red lipstick, painted on eyebrows. And no gypsy would dream of going without her jewelry!  I found a crystal ball charm for her necklace and though you have to look closely, she is wearing big hoop earrings with a little copper bead.  A Swarovski crystal adorns her scarf.
I used another big marble I found on the Junk Jaunt for her crystal ball.  I like how it reflects different things depending on the angle you look at it. 
You can find Clarice right here, in my etsy shop.  She certainly is a one of a kind witch!
Back to work!  I trust I will see you all here tomorrow, for the beginning of the Giggleswick Blog Hop.  You don't want to miss out!


  1. Clarice is a dandy!!! Your details are amazing! LOVE her crystal ball and her necklace.She just looks like she would be a bunch of hilarious trouble!

  2. I just love your Gypsy Witch!! Great outfit too!! Off to check out all the new additions to your shop!