Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favorite #9--River Valley Design

After last week's brief hiatus from Friday Favorites, it's back, as promised.

Today I am taking you River Valley Design.  Christi does wonderful cane work with polymer clay.  I've been working with polymer clay for over 20 years, and I've never quite gotten the hang of making millefiori canes.  I keep thinking someday I will give it another go.  Until then, I love to marvel at the work of those who have mastered the technique, and Christi certainly qualifies as a master.

Christi makes lovely intricate canes and then applies them to everyday useful objects to make something ordinary into something extraordinary.  I am very taken with the business card cases......hhmmmm......might have to get one.  Here are a few of my favorites things from her lovely shop:

Pill container, Polymer clay covered pill box, holds three different items, purple, pink and white brain cane

Ice cream scoop, 3 oz ice cream scoop with decorative polymer clay covered handle
Ice Cream Scoop (how fun is THAT?)

Compact mirror, polymer clay covered, Big spiral cane design, resin coating, double mirror, orange, purple, red

Polymer clay covered crochet hook set of 8, New Boye brand, Sizes D/3 through K/10.5, Free US shipping

I don't crochet, but if I did these Crochet Hooks would be mine!

And finally, ONE of the wonderful business card cases I have in my favorites folder...

Business card holder, Polymer clay covered business card holder, deluxe metal wallet, beautiful pattern top

I think River Valley Design is a delightful shop, and Christi is a very talented artist.  She is also a fellow member of the Polymer Clay Enthusiasts Team, and I am honored to show her work here.  I hope you enjoy it, and it intrigues you enough to follow the links to her etsy shop!

Have a terrific weekend!  I'm going to, because I'm going to spend several days with my BFF Marian!  WOOHOO!

OK, OK, just one more.....

 Business card holder, Polymer clay covered business card holder, deluxe metal wallet, beautiful pattern top


  1. Replies
    1. You are most welcome! Your work really is wonderful!

  2. Awesome work! I have been a fan of Christi of River Valley Design since first seeing her work on Etsy! Thank you for sharing, great Friday Feature!!

    1. In fact, I might have found her through your favorites folder.....I don't remember for sure, but you are right. Her work is AWESOME! I'm so glad I found her!

  3. OK--in case anyone wandered into River Valley Design'S shop looking for that first business card case and found it was already sold.....oops, sorry! It was me! I couldn't resist! :D