Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Queen Bee

One of my favorite whimsical characters is Buzzy Bee.  I introduced you to him here in my very first blog post.  I love the expression on his face.  I love the cheery little flowers at his feet.  I love how colorful he is.  Plain and simple....I love Buzzy Bee.  He has since flown off to live elsewhere, which is a good thing, right? (I have mentioned I have attachment issues to my characters.)

Long before he left I had an idea for another bee.  Ideas come to me at the oddest times and in the strangest places.  This time I was in the shower one morning, and I had several ideas buzzing around my head, but one of them struck me hard.  Queen Bee! 

I have always loved puns and a play on words, so this idea of a Queen Bee went beyond being the biggest bee in the hive.  No, I saw pageantry.  A beauty queen.  I saw this:

I saw a bee much like Buzzy, sculpted from black and yellow clay, with a black crepe paper collar, and wings made from tissue and wire.  (After making Buzzy, my husband informed me that bees have double wings, so I felt I needed to make them double this time.)

Beyond the basic bee things, I wondered what I could do to make her into a beauty queen.  Well, of course, that meant she must have a crown or a tiara of sorts.  So I fashioned her one out of silver clay, eye pins, and Swavroski crystal gems. 

And she needed a sash as well.  I think purple is a very royal color, so I used a piece of purple glittered velvet ribbon and hand painted "QUEEN" on it with white paint. (The photo does not do this little detail justice--it's tricky taking pictures of glittered ribbon!).

What beauty queen walks the aisle without a bouquet of red roses?  Well, none of them!  These are delicate little paper roses, twisted together and wrapped with green satin ribbon. 

One more little detail on her sash---purple and red felt flowers with a clear crystal brad in the center.  That along with some glue holds her sash in place.

Queen Bee is ready to reign over the hive.  Isn't she just adorable?

Thanks for buzzing by again!

Queen Bee is available here in my etsy shop.


  1. Your Queen Bee is Awesome Lisa, love the sash! I, too, have attachment issues with my pieces! LOL!! I think it's because we put so much love into creating them. :)

    1. You are exactly right! It's like sending away a member of the family!

  2. This is so amazing, Love it!