Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OMG! An Award! For me!!

I've been nominated for a blogging award!  ME!!  How wonderful!  I nearly cried when I read the nomination.  OK, granted.  The one who nominated me is my niece.  But still, it's an award, and I'm very honored to accept it.  Here it is:

In order to accept this award I must do three things:

1) Give a shout out to the blogger who nominated me

2) Tell you all seven random things about me that you might not already know

3)  Pay it forward by nominating one of my favorite blogs (and contact them to let them know they have won)

So, here goes:

I was nominated by Hilary, of Simply Eclectic.  Hilary is quite honestly one of my favorite people.  She is funny and smart and just the right amount of weird.  I love her, and I love her blog.  She writes about all sorts of, gardening, keeping house, creative projects, DIY.  Simply Eclectic is just that, eclectic.  I think you will love it, so please drop in and say hello!  Tell her I sent you! 

I thank Hilary for this nomination, and truth be told, for getting me to finally start blogging in the first place!  I had been TALKING about blogging for over a year.  She started hers and was like "What's all the fuss about?  Just go for it.", and I finally did.  So, thanks for that, too, Hilary!

OK, part two, 7 random things about me:

1)  I enjoy bass fishing with my husband.  In 1997, after being married for 11 years and seeing him go off fishing on the weekends without me, I decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and learned how to fish.  I once caught a largemouth bass that weighed 5.9lbs and was 23 inches long.  I about peed my pants! 

2)  Over the course of our 25 year marriage, David and I have had four Brittany spaniels.  #1, Sam; #2, Daisy; #3, Buck; #4, Jack.  #2, Daisy, has outlived them all, and is now 14! (and a very spoiled house dog after living her first 10 years outside).

3)  My very favorite thing to drink is an ice-cold REAL Coca-cola from a tiny 8oz glass bottle.  Nothing better!  What is it about those little glass bottles that makes it taste so much better?

4)  I am lethal when it comes to a pan of brownies or freshly baked cookies (my favorite are peanut butter).  You better get 'em while they're hot if I'm around!

5)  I love shoes!  (I know being a woman this is probably not a big surprise!)  I love shoes because while your jeans size may fluctuate with how many brownies you eat, your shoes, God love 'em, will always be the same size!  I currently have 50 pairs of shoes.  Yes, 5-0!  And if I am being honest here, I am down several pairs.  I mean, who really needs over 60 pairs of shoes! 

6)  About a year ago, my oldest sister and I entered into a partnership on a FABULOUS 1915 Arts and Crafts bungalow in the little tiny town where our mother lives.  We, along with our wonderfully talented brother, are in the process of restoring it.  TONS of work, but LOTS of fun.  It's the house I always have dreamed of.....I just never thought it would be in that little town! 

7)  Given what I do for a living--sculpting whimsical figurines and art dolls--this last tidbit might come as a big surprise.  It's certainly ironic.   Sculpture was my least favorite medium in art school.  I was rubbish at it, honestly.  Funny how life works, isn't it?

OK, now that you've learned a bit more about me, it's time for my nomination.  This was hard, because I read lots of really nice blogs.  I would love to turn it around and give it back to Hilary, because she really does inspire this blog, but that's not how it works.  So, instead, I'm going to direct you to a blog called Wit & Whistle

I discovered Wit & Whistle on etsy, where Amada sells her delightful paper goods.  She is a very talented artist and her blog is beautiful.  She blogs about her life in a lovely way---her home, her work, her food, her family.  Her photography is amazing.  I enjoy finding a post from her in my inbox because I know it will be visually beautiful.  Please go check it out! 

I'm always on the lookout for lovely and interesting new blogs to read. What are some of your favorites?

Whew!  That was rather long-winded!  I hope you are still with me!
Have a great day!  I am!


  1. Aww Lisa! Thank you so much for the nomination, and for your kind words about my blog and work! You are too kind. :)

    By the way, I totally agree about drinking coke out of a glass bottle. It tastes so much better that way!

    1. It's my pleasure to nominate you! I think your blog is beautiful!

  2. Congrats Lisa!! And it was so nice getting to know more about you! Can't believe sculpture was your least favorite medium in art school! You are such a talented sculptor now, that's for sure!

    Great post! :)

    1. Isn't that funny? Of course, we did NOTHING like what I do, so I suppose that makes a big difference. I really am self-taught when it comes to my current work. I was a painter, and only took my minimum one class of sculpture!