Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Favorite--ing00te, Felted Wool Slippers

It's getting cold outside, and the holidays are fast approaching.  I think it's a great idea to start showing you shops that are full of wonderful gift ideas.  ing00te is such a shop.  Inga makes beautiful felted wool slippers.  Her designs are so unique and lovely, made from merino wool.  I'm sure they are very cozy on your cold toes!  Perfect for yourself, or great as a gift for someone special. 

Inga is from Lithuania.  That's one of the things I love about etsy.  You can shop all over the world for unique handmade gifts without ever having to leave your living room!  Why not pop over to her shop right now and see all of her beautiful designs.  To entice you further, here are a few of my favorites:

Felted wool slippers MARBLE ROSES
Felted slippers CIRCLES
Felted wool slippers VIOLA
Felted slippers. Glam Rock. Gray and black
Felted wool slippers DOTS
I chose to feature some of Inga's fancier slippers.  She also has very simple designs as well.  They have latex on the bottom to prevent you from slipping around.  You can also order a cork bottom so you can wear them outdoors.  Of course, you order them in your size, and Inga is also open to custom work.  You really should go check out her shop!  I'm sure with the holidays coming up, her lovely slippers are going to be dancing out of her shop!  I wouldn't want you to miss out!
Have a really great weekend.  It's going to be gorgeous here the 70s, and THEN on Sunday, maybe snow!  CRAZY!


  1. Love these slippers! It is getting cold outside, and these look like the perfect slippers to keep the feet WARM! I especially like the green and lavender pair. Thanks for this feature, off to visit Inga's shop.

    1. She does beautiful work! I'm so pleased to share her with everyone!

  2. As a fiber person I just swallowed my tongue! OMG they are pretty. I love them all but the white and pink ones make my heart do a dance. Talk about oh swoon! I'm going to go look at her site!

    1. I knew you would love them! In fact, I ALMOST bought you that white pair for Christmas last year, to go with your White Christmas, but I was too late in thinking about it to get them in time from Lithuania! See...I KNOW you! :D