Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not Just Santas

I love Santa.  I've mentioned that.  Snowman are pretty cool, too.  (Sorry about the pun.)  But there are other winter characters I like to use in my Christmas ornaments as well, and one of those is penguins.  They are pretty cute, and something not everyone thinks about for Christmas.  Here is this year's penguin ornament.  (I try to do a penguin ornament every year.)

This fun little guy is wearing a cheery striped scarf and red earmuffs.  He's waving a Christmas greeting against a metallic blue night sky, surrounded by tiny little snowflakes. 
Joyful Penguin is available in my etsy shop, and for the month of November, on my Pfatt Marketplace page.  Like all my 2012 ornaments, this one is limited to an edition of five. 
Thanks for dropping by!

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