Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Favorite--Lori's Place Gourmet Delights

I'm doing something a little different today.  Instead of showing you jewelry, or sculpture, or painting, I'm taking you to Lori's Place Gourmet Delights.  No, she doesn't work with any traditional craft medium, but you cannot deny that Lori is an artist.  She has chosen to make edible art--cookies! 

Since the holidays are quickly approaching, I thought I would show you these adorable frosted cookies.  Aren't they wonderful?  They almost look too good to eat! 

Lori is the self-proclaimed Cookie Lady.  She is a real pastry chef with a passion for baking, and you can see that in her artistry.  She has cookies for all occasions--birthdays, babies, bridal--but I've chosen to showcase her Christmas designs.

Frosty the Snowman Cookies - Snowman Decorated Cookies - Christmas Cookies - Snowman Cookie Favors - 6 Cookies
Christmas Mittens - 12 Cookies
Penguin Christmas Cookies - Penguin Decorated Cookies - 6 Cookies
Heart Santa Face Cookies - 12 cookies
Christmas Elf Cookies - Christmas Cookies - Elf Cookies - 6 Cookies
CHRISTMAS COOKIE MIX - Christmas Decorated Cookies - 1 Dozen
I know how busy the holidays can get.  Who has time to cut and frost cookies?  And honestly, would they look as cute as these?  Not mine.  Why not look Lori up and have her to all the work?  According to her etsy shop, orders should be placed by December 12th, but it's best to order early!
Have a sweet day!



  1. Yum! What fun treats!!! These Gourmet Delights would be wonderful gifts for the holidays! Thanks for sharing this shop with us!

    1. These are so fun! I can never get cookies to look this would be much easier just to buy them!