Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Go, Zombies!!

I honestly don't know where I come up with these ideas sometimes! 

I was lying in bed one morning, wide awake before the alarm went off.  (I have a strict policy of not getting out of bed until the alarm goes off if I can help it. LOL!)  My brain was already in full 'work' mode, thinking of all the fun and frightful characters I could make for this Halloween season.  Zombies popped into my mind, and through stream of consciousness, a Zombie cheerleader!  WHAT?!?  Where did that come from? 

Not one to run away from an unusual idea, I went for it.  And this is how she turned out:

She is dressed in a classic cheerleading uniform:  a white sweater with a felt 'Z' for Zombies and a crepe paper collar, a black pleated skirt, all trimmed with stitched grosgrain ribbon.  Her little saddle shoes even have tiny striped shoelaces! 
Of course, she had to have pompoms!  These are handmade (after about 4 tries) from black and white crepe paper and tied to her wrists with black wire.
I love her face!  I think this is probably about as cheery as a Zombie gets.  Her pale flesh is accented with paint to give her that just-risen-from-the-dead look.  Her wool roving hair is tied into pigtails with tiny ribbon.
It was really fun working on something other than a witch or a mummy or a ghost.  (Not that I don't love doing those characters as well!)  I love the path my creativity takes me on! 
What on your agenda for the day?  Me?  I'm making more Halloween dolls! 
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope the Zombie didn't scare you!
OH--Go, Zombies! is now available in my etsy shop, here.


  1. She's so cute and trendy right now! She's apt to become the most popular zombie at her school! I won't be surprised if she's not crowned zombie homecoming queen next fall! You're doing such great work Lisa!

    1. HHMMM....a Zombie Homecoming Queen.....the gears are turning AGAIN! Thanks, Marian!

  2. I'm not personally into the whole zombie world that's happening right now, but there are SO MANY people who are! She is as adorable as she could possibly be -- and her eyes totally creep me out!
    Halloween is such a fun holiday to decorate for. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if someone sntaches her up quickly!

    1. I know you prefer the cute side of Halloween over the creepy. I just couldn't resist this idea though! Her eyes creep me out, too....that's the whole point! LOL!

  3. She is zombically lovely!!:))) that was a great idea to make her!! My compliments!

    1. Thanks, Anna! I'm glad you like her. Thanks for stopping!