Thursday, August 8, 2013

OOPSY DAISY! When Spells Go Wrong....

Next up from our parade of armatures to finished pieces is this adorable Frog Witch.  I showed you a similar piece that I made last year. I couldn't resist revisiting the idea. 

Sometimes spells go horribly wrong!  This little witch hasn't quite mastered the spell of turning someone into a backfired and now SHE is a frog!  What to do?  What to do?  You consult your trusty spell book, that's what. 

OK--now you may be asking "Why did she post four of the same photos?"  Well, I'm asking a favor.  If you look closely, these photos are not the same.  They have different lighting and coloring.  Subtle in some of them, to be sure, but different nonetheless.  I'm asking for your opinions....which one of these frogs would make you most likely to 'click' if they were all lined up in my etsy shop?  Which one are you drawn to?  Which do you think has the nicest coloring and lighting?
I've been told that product photography is the hardest type of photography. When I first heard that I thought, "What?  What is so hard about setting up a cute little figurine and snapping some photos?"  Well, I was wrong!  I know, I'm way too OCD when it comes to this, but I just want to always put my best foot forward.  When selling online the customer cannot pick up your adorable doll and give it a once over.  So pictures are paramount to capturing their attention, making a great impression, and enticing them to go for it...take a leap of faith, if you will.
I know lots of photos on etsy are not that great.  I think mine are better than many of them, but I know there are far more artists who do a much better job than I do.  I'm still learning about all this stuff like 'white balance'--which is the thing that throws me for the biggest loop! 
So, dear readers, what are your thoughts?  Am I being too picky?  Do they all look 'good enough'?  Does one stand out as being just a smidge better?  I really would love your feedback!
I didn't get any sculpting done yesterday because I was messing around with photos.  One of those necessary tasks that eats up time.  I'm hoping to be back with my clay today!
Have a good one!
Oh, and in case you ever turn yourself into a frog, try this spell (you will need a magic wand):
Has a spell backfired?
Have things gone awry?
Pick up your wand
and give this a try--
Blink three times
and tug on your ear.
Recite these words,
loud and clear:
"OOPSY DAISY, set me free
Turn this frog back in to ME.
I'm not a FROG.  I am a WITCH.
HOCUS POCUS--make the switch!
Eye of rabbit, hair of dog,
I do not wish to be a frog!
Counting backward, three, two, one...
Now the spell should be undone."
(I hope it works! LOL!)


  1. SOooo Cute, Lisa! Love this frog witch, but hey, I am partial to green. Love this one!

  2. Your Frog is adorable Lisa! And boy, I sure know what you mean about photographing... It sure does take up valuable time. I take so many pictures that I delete, go back and take more.... It's very difficult to get a picture of the piece to look like what it really looks like in person! Frustrating. I think these frog pics all look good, but in the second one the frog really pops.

    1. Photography is so much harder than you would think! It's tricky to get the color to look like the color of the actual item. Thanks for your input!

      Oh, I take HUNDREDS of pictures at a time! CRAZY! But that is the beauty of digital photography....easy to take, easy to delete!

  3. They all look great but I am drawn to #3...for reasons I can't explain, I just am.

    Adorable Frog, Adorable Spell!

    1. Interesting observation! That was my initial favorite too, because the green tends to be closest to the actual color of the frog!