Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jack Crow

Next in the line of unfinished armatures, Jack Crow.

I enjoy making pumpkin head figures.  I think they are quirky and whimsical and they can be anyone you want them to be.  And while I consider this guy a Halloween guy, there is nothing about him that insists he is only for Halloween.  He could hang around for the entire autumn season.
Jack Crow is dressed in short black pants, a green shirt and a purple vest, all made from clay.  He's got matching striped stockings, a crepe paper collar and a velvet wizard hat adorned with a green spiral wire clip.  

The challenge presented with this piece was the bird.  I knew I wanted him to have a little black bird perched on his wrist, but I couldn't find one!  I even searched online, but everything I found was far too big.  It needed to be TINY.  Well, there had to be a way!  I had a package of tiny mushroom birds in pale colors.  I thought, "Can I paint one of these?"  Yep, turns out you can!  It took a couple coats, but it worked.  The tail feathers were not quite long enough either, so I grabbed a black feather and nipped a tiny piece off and glued it in place. That was tricky too, but in the end, it also worked.  I added some gold wire (to look like bird claws) and wrapped it around his wrist! 
Sometimes it takes a little bit of ingenuity to makes things happen! 
Jack Crow is currently available in my etsy shop
Have a great day!


  1. What a fun pumpkin head man! I love that he can stay up through fall because he's appropriate for both Fall and Halloween decor.

    1. I try to throw in a few pieces each season that are not quite so specific to Halloween. I like this guy a lot!