Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marian's Vessel

This is a piece I made last spring for my BFF Marian's birthday.  I've mentioned Marian before.  She is truly my BFF.  We are so alike it's almost eerie.  She, too, is an artistic sort, so we have lots of common ground there.  She is quite dear to me, and no ordinary gifts will do for her.  I don't stroll into Bath & Body Works and grab a gift basket for her.  Oh, no no no. We like to make each other things.  Even if I purchase something, it has to be something artsy.  Something unique.  Something special.  Like our friendship. 

Her home is quite contemporary, filled with lovely objects and nice artwork, so I try to find things that would fit into her life nicely.  She loves the work of Dilly Pad (which I featured here) and the gorgeous porcelain vessels of  White Earth Studio on etsy, so I used those as inspiration for this piece.

This vessel was very fun to make.  While it might look like it was very tedious, it really was not.  Yes, it took several hours to construct, but since there was no "right" way to make it, it was also very freeing.  It's made of hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of white Premo polymer clay.  I did not start with a sketch or a set idea of what I wanted it to be.  I just did what the clay told me to do. 

 Sometimes all you have to do is listen to the material you are working with, and it will guide you.  "I want to be a flower."  OK.  "I want to be a coil."  You betcha.  "I want to be a circle."  Anything you want. 

Once the pieces were all in place, I took a stylus and added little details to the work.  Then I put some glasses inside to brace it a bit while it was baking.  And kept my fingers crossed.  And said a little prayer to the Polymer Clay God.  And held my breath.  And in the end, it came out just right.

I loved making this project so much that I'm considering doing another one.  Perhaps this time I will use all black.....

Sometimes it is just fun to step outside of what you normally do and create something completely different.  Take a leap of faith.  You never know what you'll come up with!

Thanks for stopping by!

OH--in case you are wondering, this piece is perhaps 8 inches wide and maybe 4 inches high.  Give or take a little bit.  It lives in New Mexico and I live in Nebraska, so I can't just pop over and measure it right now.  I WISH!


  1. What a great piece Lisa!! Love all the wonderful detail. Such a nice friendship you have, too bad she lives far away from you.

    1. Thank you, Trina! It really was a fun piece to do!

  2. I too wish you could pop over! I measured it for you and it's 7" X 3.5" X 3" deep. It currently is sitting on a featured shelf in my new studio and I adore it!

    Lisa and I have been BFFs for years. Though we've been separated by many miles for the past many years we've kept our friendship stronger than most who live across the street. We say we share a wacky brain so we tend to see the world through a humorous point of view. I love you, Lisa and cherish our friendship!

    As you can see Lisa is a talented artist who is popular, loved and well known in her region of the country. She has great things going on in her career that I know she's going to be excited to share with you over time.

    I'll see you in August!

    1. You are so sweet! Thanks for the nice comments! I can't wait to see you in August! The Quirky Girls together again!